• 2012 winner: 'Shedloads' (Derek Pratt)
  • 2011 winner: Weathered kit of coal hutch carrier (Derek Pratt)
  • 2010 winner: Overshot water wheel (Frank Parkinson)
  • 2009 winner: Monsal Dale station (Frank Parkinson)
  • 2008 winner: Canal & narrow-boat module (Frank Parkinson)

Each year we run a modelling competition, to encourage members to get to in the shed/garage/loft/spare bedroom and actually build something.

The winner is chosen by an unsuspecting trader or VIP visitor at the exhibition in September.

Details of previous competitions are


The 2013 subject was 'Layout in a box':

1) The layout should be built in a box with four sides, a base and a top. A proprietary or scratch-built box may be used.

2) The box should be capable of being completely closed up. Hinged and cut-out sections may be incorporated.

3) There is no maximum dimension, but the total volume should not exceed 5cu.ft (0,14m3). The box may contain cut-out or lift-out sections which extend outside the box when in operational mode.

4) The trackwork should include at least one turn-out, not forming part of a fiddle-yard.

5) Entries should be operable layouts rather than dioramas.

6) Power supplies and controllers may be integral or may be connected or fitted outside the box.

7) Each entry should include a short description of the layout and the modeller's name.

The winner was Derek Pratt's 'Pendle Pearlie Mine':

IMG_0154 (1) 800