Action this day, or next week at any rate

Unheard of activity at t'club last night. Just as members were settling down for a quiet snooze in front of the (unlit) fire, the Chairman summoned selected personnel to a high-level meeting, upstairs in the back room. There he revealed another element of his Master Plan. A new modelling front is to be opened, namely the re-birth of the Talisker Glen layout. Like the beverage that the model is named after, this layout has been maturing quietly in a darkened room until judged ready for release to an expectant public. The Chairman decreed that this moment has now arrived, and we are required to proceed to the next stage, which is to get our collective fingers out and actually build the thing.

So it was said, and so it will be done. New boards, a new track plan and a new(ish) team will hit the deck running, or at least jogging gently, from next week. Watch
this space.