An Italian Extravaganza

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Just occasionally our social events have a theme which combines a number of elements into one harmonious whole. Last Tuesday was once such event, when Jim and Fiona hosted an evening of food, wine, video presentation and railway running session that flowed like the Tiber through all things Italian.

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A full score of members and their wives braved the cold to eat, drink, watch and play. Jim carefully edited his images to show only part of their Tuscany steam tour, thus ensuring we will have to hold at least one more event on the same lines.

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To add to the jollity two birthdays were celebrated, Hilary's diary ensuring that neither Robert nor John escaped with their significant dates unremarked.

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The finale was a fireworks display that took full advantage of the clear, still night to show off the flashes and bangs to full effect. One minor drawback was the lack of a cross-wind to carry the spent rocket sticks into the neighbours' garden, so for once the ubiquitous safety helmet might well have been a good idea. And warm woollen mittens.

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