Re-entry & splashdown

‘All mission objectives accomplished at this time, Captain’. So might our exhibition manager have reported to the Chairman, if both weren’t so knackered after a hard weekend’s exhibitioning. Final figures are still being massaged by our treasurer, but we are well in the black, with credit lines which are neither toxic nor sub-prime. A full de-brief will wait awhile, as more urgent tasks are to hand, such as getting the borrowed barriers back to Bolton, and the hire van back to Ryder’s. Feedback is generally very positive on the venue and on the exhibition itself, whilst still leaving room for the continuous improvement which is characteristic of all progressive institutions nowadays. Banks definitely excepted. Amazing how quickly it all melts away at closing time, with exhibits and trading stands rapidly broken down and shipped out ready for the drive home and the challenge of a new Monday. A couple of hours and it’s all a memory. Will stop now before sentiment gets the upper hand. Some photos are here.