Burns Night for real this time

Following on from the practice run in September, the real Burns night in January. A limited edition of twelve celebrants were admitted to the proceedings, which included not only piping in the haggis (courtesy of a very small and very tinny set of plastic bagpipes), but also recitations, graces and prayers in the customary manner. Some of the accents were more mid-Lancastrian than Midlothian, but the spirit was entered into in full measure. And Tony as usual did us proud in the culinary department.

After the traditional fare one half of the attendance went into closed session to discuss the 2011 sleeper trip, planning of which is at a critical stage. This means we have generated more than enough options to thoroughly confuse all concerned, and there is an urgent need to apply a little rational realism, mainly by interpretation of the appropriate timetables. The fact that they are for the winter solstice rather than the summer, and will remain so until long past the point of no return planning-wise, only adds to the confusion.


Fortunately the application of a decent port, and the odd malt or two, soon sorted it all out. What is a little worrying is that no less than nine (9) members wish to go this year. Pity the poor organiser - should we perhaps auction off places to the highest bidders? We could do with the extra funds...