Corris in the rain, and sun


They say that if you can't see Corris station from the museum then it's raining, and if you can see it it's still raining. A little harsh on the Dulas valley perhaps, and for one day over the August bank holiday it was very warm and very sunny. That day Tony spent down a mine, to minimise the risk of sunstroke. For the rest of the time three of us plus Ian (another Corris member) ran the newly-completed Walmer Bridge live steam layout at the exhibition in the village school, to the great delight of the exhibition manager and the modest amusement of the visitors.

This time we had the luxury of multiple vehicles, so cramming all the layout into one was fortunately not necessary. As before the layout and its attendant locomotives ran faultlessly all weekend, with Frank's '
Richborough Castle' proving conclusively that manual control is perfectly adequate for an indoor layout. And in the intervals spent above ground Tony gained his Preparing and Driving a Model Steam Locomotive proficiency badge, Grade 3 (seniors class).

Some photos are