Winter draws in, and nights draw out

Barely a year seems to have gone by and here we are celebrating Christmas again, with a party at a new venue, namely a cafe designed mainly for employees at a small town-centre industrial estate, but opened in the evening especially for us. Two of the Chairman's better halves excelled at the catering, and the Chairman himself took advantage of a captive audience not only to deliver his traditional end-of-year harangue but also to show 160-odd slides of the Docklands Light Railway. It seemed more.

The star turn, however was the weather, which seemed determined to make up for previous mild winters with a blast of ice and snow which would dent the resolve of even the most fervent global-warmist. Perhaps there is a difference between weather and climate, and one frozen robin may not make a winter of discontent, but the intent to impress was definitely there in abundance.