A double dose of steam


Last weekend saw not one but two live-steam layouts on show at the West Lancs summer gala, with new layout Walmer Bridge alongside the resident Hundred End. And just for variety Mike brought his current 009 layout on the Sunday. Six SMRS members were in attendance in one capacity or another (including the vitally important one of critical spectating) plus five from the local 16mm group to lend a bit of technical competence to the task of running steam all weekend.

Outside the engine shed six full-size locos competed for the available track space, but inside no less than twelve miniature versions operated, albeit not all at the same time. And much to the relief of the owner, the event proved that Walmer Bridge could fit in his car, and the vehicle could even be driven legally. Corris here we come.

Some more photos are
here, and if you can stand it, here.