Steaming through the deep South


Another curry, another slide show. This time yours truly lectured a captive audience on a trip taken last year to four countries in Southern Africa. The membership collectively failed the geography test at the beginning, and so had to sit through all 150 photos and a ten-minute video, with no time off for good behaviour.

DSC_1137 (1)sm

Fortunately the subject matter spoke for itself, and no railway modeller worthy of the name could fail to be captivated by the sight of a freight train storming through the veldt, doubleheaded by twin Garretts emitting more black smoke than the Queen Mary at full ahead both. One such modeller raised the theoretical possibility of modelling such a consist, only to realise just how many wheelsets would have to be strung together, and on more bogies than entries in a Humphrey Bogart lookalike competition. Even a double Fairlie would seem simple by comparison.

A full set of photos (apart from those I haven't got round to posting yet) is