Spending in large-scale

Model railway shows come and go, but just occasionally a big one makes an impact, and not just on the wallet. Last weekend five members ventured to the Peterborough show ground for the annual jamboree of the 16mm Association. This is a biggy in more senses than one, with lots of traders, a respectable number of indoor garden railway layouts, talks, demonstrations and a real 12-inch-to-the-foot scale Penrhyn locomotive to admire. The total damage after we emerged blinking into the sunlight at the end of the day was well into four figures, with a certain doctor spending the bulk of that on one railcar. Note that for insurance purposes the model cannot be taken out of its bank vault without the close attendance of the British Transport Police SWAT team. Richard is therefore modelling the position of its virtual stunt double.


On the way back we diverted via the UK's longest railway viaduct at Welland for a quick photo opportunity, before returning to Richard and Marilyn's cottage bolthole in picturesque Braunston for rest and recuperation.

According to the map there should be a viaduct around here somewhere….


Next day we treated ourselves to a trip on the Great Central Railway, where with impeccable timing they laid on a 1960s steam gala, featuring seven steam locos, a DMU, a garden railway and a real-ale beer tent, complete with live music. The sun shone, the band played and all was well in the world, although the forthcoming credit card bills may bring us back to earth for a rather hard landing.

Some photos are


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