Rallying round at Woodvale

Out of a sense of duty to the plane-loving public, and a driving need to publicise the exhibition by any possible means, we attend the Woodvale Rally each year. The railway tent is a mixed bag of models of all sorts and sizes, not necessarily a place to show off your best modelling efforts, particularly if it’s typical August weekend weather. This year it was reasonably sunny but also reasonably windy, and one thing an airfield doesn’t have is much in the way of windbreaks. However we braved not only the elements but also the beer tent, and a moderately good time was had by all. A rota system was enforced so that no-one had the privilege of attending both days, not without paying at least once, anyway.

Some photos are here. Sharp observers will notice two or three examples of the modular layouts currently under construction, in conditions of considerable secrecy by SMRS members, ready for a triumphant unveiling at the exhibition in October. If they ever get finished, that is.