Binning it at Liverpool show

Just returned from a day assisting with the deployment of Eastbank MRC's Binns at the Liverpool MRS exhibition. And yes the toothache has abated a little, thank you for asking.

Binns has a somewhat colourful history, having been built in the early 60's as a shop demonstrator for Gamages of Leeds, and ending up (via a short stay in an industrial skip) in the tender care of the Eastbank club. After restoration it has made an exhibit of itself at the Southport show and at the Frank Hornby Experience at Maghull parish hall and again at Liverpool cathedral (only the best venues for Binns).

And what has this to do with Southport MRS I hear you ask? Only that our member Alan is the driving force behind the Binns rescue, that's all.

A description and photos of the layout are
here and some photos of it in action at Liverpool are here.