Over the border, with postal orders at the ready


Recently a significant fraction of the membership travelled north for that exhibition of excellence, ModelRail Scotland. Hilary, as well as providing two suitcases' worth of comestibles to sustain the party, also penned the following description:

'We set off for Preston on the X2 bus at 8.09 from the Monument on Lord St. Arrived at Preston bus station for hearty full English breakfast at 8.45. then a quick trip on another bus to the station to get the train (Virgin) we boarded successfully. Tony contrived to seat us all together, no mean feat as the party numbered ten.
Entry to the exhibition was painless due to nobody losing their tickets. Tony had employed his cunning plan, i.e. he kept hold of all the tickets. Various stands were there to educate the non-adept of us in the fine arts of scratch-built wagons, buildings and track. The German Railway Society aimed to encourage us to show interest in all things DB. One of us (Peter Clare) is already converted.
Whilst the ScaleFour Society displayed the arts of accurate 4mm to the foot modelling and the N Gauge Society boasted of having 5000 members, are there really that many people with good eyesight and little hands?
Our Terence and Millsy gave a great performance on the Circle Line layout despite being severely hungover from the previous nights friendship drink with the locals.
Kinloss Models showed off their Tees-side steel layout depicting the 1950s-1960s steel industry. The dirty end of the model contains furnaces which turned raw iron into steel and the coke ovens that provided the fuel for the blast furnaces. The relatively clean end shows the heavy engineering works and the stock yard with numerous specialist steel-carrying slag ladles and hot-metal wagons.
Peacock Cross showed the railway and tramcar scene in Glasgow in the 1930s-1970s giving a wide range of locomotive and rolling stock inclusion.
For the diesel enthusiast there was Millig Yard which depicts a large marshalling yard providing wagon repairs and loco servicing facilities, set in the BR blue era.
The children were kept entranced by Larchlap to Candleford in G scale.
Well we all had a brilliant time and if you want to know more come with us next year and see for yourself how great it is.
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