The sleeper trip does a foreigner

It's June, it's raining, so it must be another sleeper trip. This time the vigorous new management team (average age 61 years and 9 months) took the bold decision to visit both halves of the Auld Alliance. Not deliberately, you understand, that might have been too much even for our polynational diversity-friendly members. It just happened that after going to Kent via Edinburgh (doesn't everybody?) it seemed to be a mere blip on a fast-moving horizon to extend our reach under the Chunnel to Paris. And, a world first for our excursions, wives and/or/but-not-both girlfriends might come to.

Space does not permit a detailed account here, save to say that six members traversed the Scottish lowlands three times in two directions on three different routes, did a Glasgow-Euston sleeper for the first time, and visited three railways in the Garden of England. An unexpected bonus was a visit to the Hornby Railway Exhibition at Margate, which turned out to be a better-than-expected nostalgia-fest. And Chatham Dockyard not only gave for most of us the first opportunity to explore a submarine (but not alas fire off any torpedoes) but also to try some local real ale at their very own micro-pub. Such was the success of the trip that next year's event may also be WAG-assisted, and possibly involve more foreign lands to the immediate west of the UK.

Some more photos, which will be added to as and I get round to it, are
here, and a more detailed description is here.