Teddy Bears R Us

Just once in a while, an event occurs which chimes with the inner soul of SMRS members - a reason for doing all that we do in the model railway field. The West Lancashire Light Railway Annual Teddy Bears Day is just that event. No less than ten members, at least three wives and a dog all attended in various capacities. Six layouts were exhibited and assorted books and soft toys sold for good causes, not all of them our own. The weather was initially hot enough for us to feel a little smug at being in the cool of the workshop, and latterly wet enough for us to feel a little smug at being in the dry of the workshop.

The audience at this type of event is a fairly uncritical one, the average age being well down in single figures. At long as it looks like a train and moves, it passes the test. Exhibitors can therefore show off their newest and most incomplete layouts knowing their reputation will only be enhanced by doing so. The only thing which didn't show us to advantage were the display boards, which are beginning to show their age, in both style and content. A little word in the hon. treasurer's ear perhaps, once the takings from the next exhibition are safely gathered in, and budgets are being prepared for next year. Investing for the future, as the chancellor might well describe it.

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