A modeller's trilogy

It's not often in the modelling world that three goes into one, but we witnessed such an event two nights ago courtesy of Southport Model Engineering Club. They invited us to a running night at their extensive track facility at Rotten Row, along with the Gauge 1 Society. Right next to where the Southport Flower Show is held, to name-drop just a little. So we had the benefit of two sizes of trains to admire, and in the case of the larger one, to ride on. Indeed one or two members were even seen piloting a battery-powered locomotive, which seemed to be taking hospitality a touch far.

The large coal-fired steam locos were the most impressive, not only for their appearance and performance but also for their weight and start-up time, which would have tested the patience, not to mention the sinews, of lesser mortals. Purpose-built trolleys were used to move said locos from the back of well-sprung estate cars to the elevated track, the trolleys no doubt serving a double purpose of stretchers for members overcome by the exertion.

An excellent evening organised by a friendly and skilled bunch of modellers. Plans are in hand to return the compliment at the SMRS clubhouse, although our garden railway may appear a mite weedy by comparison.