We are go for launch

Four days to go, and counting. Our new, bigger and (almost certainly) better exhibition is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting and probably undeserving public. New road signs have been made, a bigger and better van has been hired, extension leads counted and measured, and posters posted in all Arriva’s buses. And the website’s hits have reached the dizzy heights of fifty a day. Visitors from London are the most frequent, for reasons not immediately apparent.

A deal has been done with Bolton MRC to borrow their barriers, as ours were not suitable for the new venue and have been quietly disposed of to a recyclist of impeccable, if not particularly well-publicised, credentials. All-in-all a bit of a gamble, with extra expense needing to be recouped by a good flow of visitors, hopefully turning up at the new school rather than the old one. But we are quietly confident.

The exhibition manager is coping remarkably well with the extra stress of the new venue, due in no small measure to the careful ministrations of Pebble, his highly-trained and long-suffering therapy dog. One who is struggling to cope at the moment is our fellow-member Bill, in hospital after a stroke last week and rather poorly. We trust news of a triumphant and profitable exhibition will be just the thing to speed his recovery. And of course the odd miniature of quality malt smuggled in amongst the chocs and flowers.