Circling around Formby

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Last night marked a new venue for the monthly talk, Dave and Yvonne's 17th-century farmhouse on the southern edge of Formby. After an excellent hotpot served in a low-ceilinged dining room/lounge (complete with expansive sofa, log fire and real-ale bar) we listened to Terry expounding on the origins and building of his latest award-winning layout 'The Circle Line'. This is based on a now-defunct Manchester to Sheffield route, modelled in N-gauge on a circular baseboard.

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Two major learning points emerged, one being that even a hardened 00 steam enthusiast can be won over by today's selection of modern-image 2mm scale diesels. The other is that scenery-building is considerably facilitated by having a wife with not only the appropriate modelling skills but also a sufficient supply of paverpol. This is not a pharmaceutical of dubious provenance but a fabric hardener used for making sculptures, easily diverted to creating elements of the model landscape.