That was India - for now


A year nearly to the day since India was taken over by SMRS, and the Chairman felt his emotions were sufficiently under control to risk telling non-travellers what it was really like. A dozen members attended the deputy chairman's residence last Tuesday to partake of stew prepared by the chairman's wife in a brief lull between packing for the move north to take over the Ratty. Apparently the number of boxes full of such essentials as railway DVDs, railway magazines and railway models rendered the change of venue necessary, in only for the sanity of said chairman's wife.

The quality of both sustenance and talk was up to the usual high standard, with the latter provoking a strong sense of wanting to return amongst those who had attended the first time. The fact that the chairman labelled the slide show as merely Part One of a continuing saga, suggest he was not immune from such thoughts either.

* * * * * * *