Woodvale time again

Like Christmas, the Woodvale model aircraft rally creeps up on the unwary and propagates a sudden burst of slightly panicky activity, as SMRS tries to decide (a) shall we attend this year? (b) why should we attend this year? (c) who's going? and (d) what layouts shall we take? All four questions were eventually answered in a more-or-less positive manner, and a select band of volunteers were awarded entry passes and lectured on the purpose of the visit, which was to advertise ourselves and the exhibition and not to enjoy it too much.

The mission statement was adhered to with reasonably accuracy and success, as the weather steadily improved during the weekend and the crowds flowed through the model railway tent. The deputy chairman's selection of a near-door position (to maximise the breeze potential) turned out to be a prescient one. Numerous exhibition leaflets were scooped up by the visitors, and both layouts behaved themselves. The fact that one was advertising the Corris railway as much as, or even slightly more than the SMRS-branded product, was either not noticed or politely ignored.