So good, we do it every year

AGM time again, and this time we do it in style. The commodious venue of the Hall St cafe, complete with buffet, and a cabaret to follow, in the form of a slideshow by our very own award-winning photographer.

SAM_0010 (1)sm
This time the gang of four looked relaxed and confident, as if they knew that the recent tinkering with the constitution had put them in an unassailable position, election-wise. The fact that no-one dared oppose them spoke volumes. However perhaps they have over-reached themselves a little, by allowing the election of an ordinary member, not part of the ruling junta, as a sop to democracy. The electee, as it happens, is a retired lecturer in law, already making his presence felt with a number of points of order. Watch this space...

SAM_0014 (1)sm

After the formalities, the buffet was attacked with determination and vigour, and a certain member won the raffle for the third time in four attempts. Statistically, he should now be out of the running until about mid-2015.

SAM_0016 (1)sm

The highlight of the evening was Robert's series of presentations, one of the East Lancs Railway, one of the Rufford canal basin, and one of the Crich tram museum. The quality was consistently high, and it was easy to see how some photos had caught the eye of local photographic club judges. Even more impressive was the way it motivated him to get up before dawn to catch the light.

SAM_0017 (1)sm

Afterwards, we went home....