Ealing Films flash to the fore

Last night saw the second of the current season of SMRS film nights. This time a select audience enjoyed Titfield Thunderbolt as the main feature, with video of a recent run by Duke of Gloucester around the west coast of the Lakes as the supporting film. The latter included shots of the deputy chairman wielding a shovel on the footplate, and looking for all the world as if he knew what to do with it.

As is traditional in cinemas, a considerable amount of snacking on popcorn, crisps and peanuts was undertaken, supplemented by ice creams sponsored by a member of the audience. Regrettably the latter items were dispensed not from a tray borne by a buxom young usherette but from a plain plastic bag wielded by a chairman fast approaching middle age, and not necessarily looking any the better for it. Real ale was also consumed in moderation.

The evening was enlivened by an introduction to the film by a member of sufficient vintage to have actually been present during some of the shooting, albeit as an interested passer-by rather than as a paid extra.