A Brum picnic, with added Jedward

There is a (thoroughly undeserved and slanderous) rumour that SMRS only exists for the beer and skittles, and railways are purely incidental, at most a means to an end. Totally untrue of course, and the fact that the modest refreshments carried with us on yesterday's trip to the Warley show all but incurred excess baggage charges, is a complete irrelevance. The single large suitcase and the solitary medium travel bag did have to last us all day, through the rigours of breakfast on the train, lunch at the NEC and tea on the way home. And thanks to Hilary no-one went hungry.

SAM_0104 (1) copy

At the entrance to the show we met up with Malcolm (of India trip fame) looking very spry after a partial lower skeleton renewal. It was such a success apparently that he is thinking of having all the rest done before joining us for the next foreign trip, to Colorado.

Seeing Jedward reunited after more than eighteen months in retirement alone made the trip worth while, irrespective of any train content. Of which there was much, although old hands did suggest that the show had, at least in size terms, passed its peak a year or two ago. For us newbies however it was all we could do to take everything in. Fortunately the comestibles came to our rescue, although not quite all six bottles of wine were consumed. Yet.

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