Last and final call

No more on the exhibition, promise. Except to briefly record the debrief, which occupied two intensive hours of discussion this evening, with only a brief pause for tea and shortbread at half-time. Even Pebble contributed, by ensuring that any tea left to go cold in members’ cups during the heat of the debate, did not go to waste.

The hon. exhibition manager taking the ten minutes of relaxation permitted between completion of the current year’s exhibition and the start of next year’s. Only he had already started next year’s ten months ago. Sometimes I worry if we push him to hard. But only sometimes.

The short list of topics for discussion was uncomfortably long, almost three dozen, so a strict discipline of no more than two members talking at any one time was applied. The overall impression was of a resounding success, with the gamble of moving to new premises having paid off handsomely. A few learning points, but nothing too drastic, and we are in good shape for the coming year. And if that doesn’t tempt fate, nothing will.