Back to school again


As Allan had barely started on his list of exam questions when the invigilator called time on his first talk, a re-sit was almost inevitable. And so it was last night that Allan embarked on Part 2, after Hilary had been invited to make a guest appearance in Tony's kitchen (and while she was there cook two courses for fourteen hungry members).


As before we were given insights into economy of wiring in a variety of situations, including return loops, controllers and point motors. The GPO background was a clear influence, although how he ever managed to attach wires to tortoises without attracting the attention of the RSPCA, was beyond at least this attendee.

As the photo shows, Allan had his audience in the palm of his hand, freshly washed for the occasion, with Liverpool's 3-0 drubbing of Everton only a minor distraction. The list of subjects to address is still lengthy, so Part 3 is high likely.

* * * * * * *