Scottish Skye lines

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Having observed the format on several occasions from the safe obscurity of the cheap seats, the chairman finally decided it was safe to venture to the front stalls and put on a show himself. And so last Tuesday saw a presentation on the Skye and Dingwall Railway, preceded by cottage pie served by the presenter himself, the chef having been called away on an errand of mercy, no doubt with a cheery cry of 'your dinner for fourteen's in the oven'.

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Fortunately the chairman has not got where he is today (wherever that may be) without the ability to multi-task. The fact that, like most of the male gender, the problem was resolved by serial, rather than parallel, job sequencing, mattered not. Both were well-prepared, presented with a flourish, and consumed with appreciation. Enough flattery, the AGM isn't due for months.

I won't trouble you with the name of the raffle winner - you know him so well.