Back to (steam) school

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A club night with a difference - instead of meeting at Portland St eleven of us congregated at Jim and Fiona's for lessons in steam driving. After calling the register (and requiring tardy members to sign the late book) Jim gave a short talk on live steam modelling, using an assortment of locos from early to late eras to show how the hobby has developed. Then we were paired off with tutors to be shown how to prepare and run real steam engines. Such was the interest shown that the lack of any form of signalling, tokens or even the most rudimentary block working on the single-track line made incidents highly likely, even inevitable. Fate did not disappoint, and there were several reportable dangerous occurrences, although fortunately without injury or damage.

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As the light faded Fiona called us in from playtime for school dinners, an excellent curry with real alcoholic wine, and cakes from the tuck shop to follow. Quite how the two of them considered this to be a suitable activity for their wedding anniversary is a mystery, but the evening was a considerable success. One member even admitted that he was considering the option of acquiring a modest 16mm locomotive. Battery electric unfortunately, but we all had to start somewhere.