The good, the bad and the lawyers

Most people can be quite defensive when their chosen trade or profession comes in for criticism. Not so Richard, however. Last night he fearlessly exposed lawyers as the prime movers behind a series of railway-building bubbles in the early years of the industry, each larger and more crash-prone that the one before. His presentation showed, with the devastating clarity that comes from rigorous research, that greedy capitalism was at the root of 19th-century railway mania, and lawyers had their grubby little mitts all over it. The fact that MPs didn't really want to know was no surprise, and neither that ten years is along time in both business and politics, so the same scam can be repeated several times on a forgetful and gullible public. There were a few mutterings amongst the audience that nothing had changed, and certain modern-day railway companies, and their political cronies, were just as bad. Such scepticism is totally unfounded, of course.

Richard's full confession is

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