So good, we did it twice

Twice in two months, that is. So impressed were we of our efforts in November, five of us returned to Ravenglass for more trackwork at a time when the Cumbrian winter should have been at its coldest and most unrelenting. We therefore prepared carefully, with ample supplies of warm clothing, alcohol and haggis, and accommodation in the railway's hostel, which had the benefit of central heating. By taking the precaution of becoming members, the rate was reduced to a mere £5 per night, or an even more mere £3 for the unwaged retirees amongst us. The bunk beds were still a challenge however.

Apart from a brisk wind the weather was relatively clement, and good progress was made with securing new track to new sleepers, and bedding them in with new ballast. This time no sheep were harmed in the making of new permanent way, although a life-expired specimen was spotted in a line-side field, complete with attendant buzzard.

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