Working days are here again

One of the harbingers of spring is Our Chairman exhorting his followers to Get Stuck In to some much-needed clubhouse maintenance. Last Saturday was the first of what are threatened to be many this year, weeding the garden, refitting the doors, adding new lights, etc., etc. One more unusual job was the renovation of an old brick outhouse, probably a coal store in past lives, hoarding fuel perhaps ill-gotten from the supply intended for the motive power of the time. Over the years it has acquired a false floor two or three feet deep, composed of assorted rubbish and vegetation in various states of decay. Much of this was energetically consigned to the spare land over the back fence, for the better growth of the weeds that annually try to swamp us from the rear.

The resultant clearance revealed a cosy nook that any self-respecting monk would seize on as a perfect hermit habitation. The enthusiastic way the Chairman handled spade and fork to gain access suggested he had other ideas; a punishment cell perhaps, for the better correction of members guilty of insubordination or otherwise speaking out of turn.