The chairman has resigned, long live the chairman


Last night's AGM in the Bowling Club's meeting room was unusual in at least two respects. Firstly we had a change in the committee, and secondly the evening included a guest speaker. The change involved Chairman Peter stepping down to spend more time with his new railway. This allowed Chairman Frank to be elected unopposed and without even having to issue a manifesto, let alone canvas support from the electorate.

The finances were in a surprisingly healthy state, as a result of a good exhibition and regular fund-raising throughout the year. The absence of the treasurer may have caused a few to wonder if he was otherwise engaged in spending the accumulated largesse in the Bahamas. However we were assured that he was not only still in the country but also still having to work for a living.

Otherwise the business was uneventful and relatively swiftly concluded, allowing us to partake of Terry's hand-made crisps and sandwiches and of the adjacent bar, before reforming again in an orderly fashion for the talk by John Pavitt. John is an Australian with a life-long interest in UK modelling, in particular the Somerset and Dorset, and gave an interesting account of the development of a large and detailed layout of the S&D for the Australian exhibition circuit. A feature of the speaker's modelling career included the wisdom of marrying a wife with similar interests and no little modelling ability. The layout was therefore a distinctly family affair, with sons contributing also in due time.

* * * * * * *