Care in the community

Just occasionally, the grown-up railways in this part of the world risk a glance sideways and realise that there is other railway life around them, and they wouldn’t catch anything too nasty if they outstretched a hand in its direction. And so it came to pass that we were invited by Merseyrail to participate in a community railway weekend. This involved marking the (near) completion of improvement works at Southport station, and the first-time-for-ages running of Preston to Ormskirk trains on a Sunday, courtesy of Northern Rail.

Binns was used in its established role of nostalgia-provoker and crowd-puller, at Southport station on the Saturday and at Ormskirk on the Sunday. Alongside it was our new set of display boards, advertising the club’s various doings. We also opened the clubhouse to visitors on the Saturday, as a reminder that Chapel St. was not the first station building to serve Southport, fancy new roof notwithstanding. One of our members also ‘did something’ at Meols Cop station, but to date has not reported exactly what. Use of a bulldozer to facilitate starting again would be my option.

And... we won a trophy! Best display out of all those at the various stations betwixt Southport and Wigan. Would have preferred ready cash, but never mind.