Out in force at West Lancs

The West Lancs Teddy Bears day is firmly established in the SMRS calendar, and not just because one travels half-fare if one brings one's teddy bear. This time one member was given leave to fire Irish Mail whilst four others were deployed to run a variety of layouts in the engine shed. This included the in-house live steam layout Hundred End, aided by two members of the local 16mm Association group.
IMGP1677 (1)sm

A first for the event was the display of the newly-extended version of the SMRS modular layout, boasting not only extra modules but also corner pieces to permit operation in a U-shape. It had mixed success, which is PR code for it didn't really work. Apart from the irregular height of the tables, there was sufficient variation in the horizontal alignment to make the rail joins too uneven for reliable running. A possible solution is to remove the locating dowels and clamp the boards once permanently aligned in a fixed order.