When SMRS met SMEC

We at SMRS are always willing to extend the hand of fraternal greeting to our fellow-strivers in different scales and gauges, and not always merely to point out the superiority of our own particular choices. Southport Model Engineers have a lot in common with ourselves, and visits to their extensive premises in Rotten Row are always a pleasure.

The latest visit resulted from an invitation to deliver a talk related to the 40th anniversary of Southport MRS. Jim and Tony made the presentation, based on the club history recently compiled by Ian. As Jim indicated at the start, the talk included stories and anecdotes excluded from the written publication in order to achieve the PG rating necessary for maximum circulation. Unfortunately as this is a PG-rated website, you're not going to find any of them related here either. The best part of two-score SMEC members and SMRS visitors attended and all stayed to the end, which tells its own story.