Rails (and food and drink) in the North

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Last week saw the latest in Jim and Fiona's themed evenings, this time based on all things northern. We were treated to a variety of foodstuffs of northern English and Scandinavian origin, followed by a composite video of various railway-related activities covering the same topography, right up to the farmost tip of Norway.

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Robert's birthday was marked in what is now the usual manner, with Hilary ensuring it was not only remembered but celebrated with an appropriate gift-wrapped gift.

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The event was preceded by a Bring a Saw party, a first for the club that involved a unique opportunity to spend several hours reducing the size of the woodpile created by the refurbishment of Ford Mansions. As an appetite-raiser for the main event it was certainly effective, although it has to be said the pile of timber was still of significant size at the end. Fiona's soup was good though.