A Cumbrian Lancashire night

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A bit of a mixed bag on Tuesday, as Tony hosted the regular monthly social evening. As befits Lancashire Day the record turn-out (17) enjoyed a traditional meal of hot-pot and Eccles cakes, before turning their attention north of the county to listen to Peter's account of his adventures so far as a driver on the Ratty. Somewhat surprisingly he doesn't seem to miss the previous job in the Revenue at Bootle hardly at all. Both spouse and dog have settled in at the company-issue mansion at the far end of the line, and there are rumours of a Dalegarth Model Railway Club starting up already.

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Another matter of import raised was the club's upcoming 40th anniversary celebrations next year. As well as lunch at a local hotel, the appointed day will include visits to the Model Railway Village and/or Miniature Railway on the seafront, before heading back to the clubhouse for a barbecue, in glorious May sunshine. As a start, some commemorative mugs have been obtained and these were released for sale on the night. A vote was also taken on choice of an 00 scale wagon to be commissioned, a replica of one of the few private-owner wagons known to have local connections.

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