Late but worth the wait

Well the exhibition has come and gone, and despite being held nearly two months later than usual it was an unqualified success. Fears that the change of date would affect visitor numbers were unfounded, with good support on both days. The weather was a bit cooler than we are used to, with some rain, but the crucial times for setting-up and taking down were in the dry, although the latter was a touch darker than previously, thanks mainly to the clock change.

As it happened, an unplanned water-related event in the sports hall might well have caused us to cancel a September exhibition, but by the time November came round the school had made sufficient temporary repairs for the hall to be usable, albeit with some shuffling-round of exhibits. Next year will also be a late-year event as several members, including the all-important exhibition manager and chairman, will be spending most of September playing trains in the US of A.