Nostalgic romance meets romantic nostalgia

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Things ain't why they used to be, and probably never will be either. However this does not stop SMRS from revelling in past glories at every opportunity. One such chance came last Tuesday, when Allan presented a series of films, not on DVD, not even on VHS, but on good old steam-driven cine. The projector was a deluxe model which did not need winding up every two minutes, which was just as well as the programme included no less than six reels of celluloid.

First up was Glasgow tram transport of the early sixties (complete with an impossibly young Allan in shorts), followed by scenes of sunny Southport, the ss Teal on Lake Windermere, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, Bo'ness, the Royal Train, a Pullman and a Motorail train. The waves of nostalgia were powerful enough to threaten drowning, but nobody would have noticed.

For the record, the meal was braised pork with winter vegetables and a Hilary special trifle, grade 3.