A carry on at Christmas


Yuletide again already, and a modest celebration of the event is held at the clubrooms. For the first time ever this included freshly-prepared bacon sandwiches in addition to the usual crisps, peanuts and mince pies, evidence that the country may be going to the financial dogs but SMRS is still capable of defying the odds and having a good time. The chairman gave a speech in appropriate Churchillian tones, with a touch of Mr Grace from 'Are You Being Served?' thrown in for good measure.


And Joe celebrated not only with winning two of the three raffle prizes but also with a kiss from Mother Christmas. Which he enjoyed the most is not recorded, this being a respectable website.


Finally one must record an example of technical innovation for which the club is nearly famous, namely the illumination of the approved route to the external facilities, by a combination of a white line marking the edge of the path and a new lamp to show it up in all its reflected glory.

* * * * * * *