Colorado countdown - continued

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To get the most out of a holiday, preparation is essential. So Jim considered it his patriotic duty to ensure all members, whether or not participating in next year's Colorado trip, were fully advised of pertinent facts.

Hence his talk last night '
The development of railroads in the USA, with particular emphasis on Colorado’ . The title describes it well, we were taken through the history of early railroads, which spread quickly through the eastern states but only slowly through the western ones, reflecting the general state of development at the time.

Progress was compared and contrasted with the UK, the most noticeable differences being the USA's use of lightweight, steeply-graded and slow running tracks, to suit both local geography and the long distances between stations.

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The talk was preceded by Fiona's excellent multiple-choice US-themed supper, featuring bean stew, Colorado chilli, peach cream pie and New York cheesecake. The attendees considered it their duty to partake of all on offer, if for no other reason than to facilitate adjusting their taste buds to the American Way.