Trains, planes and strawberries

Jim and Fiona's barbecues are events to be savoured - generous hosts, real ale, live steam railways and, this year at least, warm weather and the Red Arrows. Admittedly these last two were a bonus rather than main menu items, but nonetheless welcome for that. It was good of Sefton council to organise the Southport Air Show on the same day, as it meant that the forty or so guests had not only steam trains to enjoy but also vintage flying machines, that included a Spitfire, a Lancaster and a Vulcan, plus nine Hawk trainers flying at high speed closer together than any sensible risk assessment should permit. Regrettably the surrounding foliage restricted the view a little, such that one member was heard to remark that the one item of essential equipment that an aircraft photographer should always have about their person is a chainsaw.


Within the garden curtilage however there was much to keep us occupied. Two tracks are now in operation, although the Cripple Creek elevated 45mm line is still incomplete, with the owner and chief engineer still to get his work/life balance optimally adjusted (i.e. work 0%, life 100%). Both lines worked well however, and a succession of trains in both gauges ran all afternoon. The odd tram also, courtesy of members of the Merseyside area group of the Tramway and Light Railway Society.

Some photos are
here and here.