Ageing gently, like a good Scotch should


The age profile of SMRS edges forever upwards, and tonight we marked Allan's accession to the over-sixties branch of the club. He seems destined to spend a significant part of his new-found membership complaining of blatant discrimination by West Lancashire council, who for reasons of economy have declined to issue him with a bus pass (being not held up in the adjacent photo). What makes it more irksome is that Allan's domicile is within easy walking distance of the boundary with Sefton council, who have blessed the rest of us oldies with passes which are valid for buses, trains, and (no doubt if we had any) trams as well*.


However we did our best to console him by consuming the food and drink he generously provided, and by a presentation of (a) one (1) deluxe picture-hanging set, complete with spirit level, and (b) a set of six (6) pencil sketches of scenes of Southport's Lord St, hanging set for the use of. Favourable comments were passed not only on their quality but also on the fact that they contained no visible traffic wardens.

*No, the blue plastic abomination stuck out on the end of the pier definitely does not count as a tram.