New Beginnings

The first Meeting of 2009, with a Capital M. So important, in fact, that the Deputy Chairman was empowered to take the chair and lay out The Vision for the Future. The Chairman was safely hidden away in Cumbria, on urgent domestic business. Apart from reinvigorated effort on the existing layouts, there would be a brand new N-gauge layout, based on Monsal Head Viaduct, near Matlock. There was a Cunning Plan to allow it to operate effectively both in the restricted space in the clubrooms and in the full glory of an unrestricted exhibition. It would fold magically in on itself, to protect its sensitive scenery from the harsh realities of doorways and walls. And it would only take three years to build, give or take a decade. Dazed by the breadth of scope of what we were to achieve (and there would be no thought of failure) we stumbled out into the clear cold air of a globally-cooled night, inspired and ready for the Task Ahead. Until next Tuesday, at least.