The talks go on, and on


Two more talks to report on, one by Tony in his continuing series of footplate junkiedom, delivered like a true addict at a new venue, Hilary's pied-à-terre just off Lord St. Half-way through the meeting there was a knock on the door and a shadowy cloaked figure slipped into the room. To a man, and woman, we stared in fascinated horror, trying against our better judgement to glimpse the scythe that must surely be hidden in the all-enveloping folds of his (almost certainly not her) one-piece garment. For whom did the bell toll? was the thought in everyone's mind, who is due to be ushered into the next world, unpaid national insurance contributions notwithstanding ?

The collective sigh of relief misted up all the windows as the hood was thrown back and we realised it was only Jim, wearing his newly-acquired djellaba, a souvenir of sunny Morocco. He rapidly proved the solidity of his human credentials by consuming the last remaining portion of fish and chips with an enthusiasm no ethereal harbinger of doom could ever show.

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The second talk was at Southport FC, where we eschewed the proffered option of the Everton v. Arsenal game on TV in favour of John describing the merits of Black Five locomotives, with a depth of knowledge and eye for detail that we have come to expect from our foremost expert on all things mainline steam. To demonstrate the various design options taken up at different times he brought along a number of models from what we suspect is a large collection. Fives with steam domes, Fives without steam domes, Fives with dummy domes he had them all, and moreover knew when each variety was favoured and why. Morrisons supplied the cold collation of sandwiches.

it was a nil-nil draw by the way, so we missed little.