A double dose of steam

SAM_0162 (1)sm
As the summer solstice approaches, the need for steam becomes unstoppable, so much so that no less than four live steam locos were fired up at the clubhouse last night. What made it unique was that two were of the 00 persuasion, using the magic technology developed (or at least marketed) by Messrs Hornby. So while Jim and George laboured to generate heat and light on Talisker Glen's trackbed upstairs, Richard and Derek did similar things out in the garden, specially manicured (and lit) for the event by Tony.

SAM_0171 (1)sm

The 00 locos were clearly something special, and not only because of the jumbo-sized transformer and the white gloves worn by the operator. After some patient tinkering and adjusting, a number of traverses of the circular track were achieved, probably a world first for SMRS. Sorry about the shirt.

SAM_0154 (1)sm

Meanwhile much bigger machines were being exercised outside, demonstrating amongst other things that manual control also provides exercise for the operator in ensuring that loco and track stay in contact with each other for more or less the whole time. A warm evening and warm beer completed the festivities.

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