Consultation document

As a good policy civil servant, I know the value of at least pretending to consult the electorate, before telling them what’s good for them. So today marks the publication of a list of Irish narrow gauge sites for possible visitation and a corresponding map, sparing no expense (i.e free). One awaits an avalanche of keen interest.

2009 - new year resolution

Having shopped early, if not particularly extensively, for Christmas, the new task is to resolve an early start to planning for the 2009 sleeper trip. By common consent (i.e. no-one has said anything different yet) we appear to favour a return trip to Ireland. There is a rich history of narrow-gauge railways in the island, with a number of preserved railways in both North and South, plus some less obvious and widely-scattered relics which may need close observation to detect.

The only way to visit even a proportion of them would be by road, so we may have to think the unthinkable and use a minibus or similar for at least part of the trip. Also those that do run trains tend to do so at weekends, so we may have to break with tradition and go mid-week to mid-week. And it would be nice to have a day out on a steam special run by the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland. Complexity? - hah! We laugh at such piffling problems.