All systems green for go

After a little delay whilst I did other things, such as going off to the other side of the world for some little time, we are back on track with the planning process. From previous trips it was anticipated that getting accommodation of the right type might involve splitting ourselves over at least two B&Bs at each stop, but some judicious internet searching for the larger type of premises paid dividends. Prices seem a little higher, either because of the unfavourable sterling/euro ratio (one of the many consequences of the credit crunch) or because I have been unconsciously drifting up-market as I get older.

However, we are safely booked in at five different locations, taking advantage of having our own transport to look a little wider afield to better suit our destinations. Hence we are giving Belfast a miss, and choosing Castleblayney in preference to Newry. All that needs to be done now is to discover why I have a credit card bill for the outgoing ferry but not for the inbound one, despite having email confirmations for both. Perhaps the Dublin end of Norfolk Line's operation works a touch slower than its UK counterpart.