The final (I hope) adjustment

The final piece in the jigsaw clicked into place today, with the ferry amendment made and my fellow-travellers placed in lock-down regarding any further deviations from The Plan. Demands for payments have been made from several quarters, underlining that we are green for go. Changing the ferry booking for the first early departee should have been straightforward. However, it was complicated first by my inability to recall the booking reference number and then by telling the unfortunate customer service agent that we were travelling in July rather than June.

Eventually everything was sorted out, and promises made to ensure every traveller not only had photographic proof of identity but also said reference number committed to memory, preferably by means of a small, discrete tattoo somewhere about their person.

I start to wonder - what shall we do in 2009? Ireland? Uist? The South Col?

I think I need a (railway) holiday...

PS, our honorary physician has just rejoined the full schedule. Not enough potential diners, apparently. A rebooking fee is surely payable.