Going the long way round

Deputies, who needs 'em? No real power like the chairman, but still likes to make an impact. Ours just has, in a big way. Wants to combine the sleeper trip to the far north of the UK with a steam trip to the far south. Try this for a GPS-buster: Southport - Bury - London - Penzance - London - Inverness - Thurso - Orkney - Thurso - Inverness - London - Penzance - Bury -Southport.

We didn't believe it either. Something to do with being a 'responsible person' for a main-line steam loco. The one who provides the sharp intake of breath when a signal is passed at danger, or the steam pressure goes past the red line and stays there, or rivets start pinging off the boiler. Normally a position to be coveted, hence the attempt to merge both expeditions. Whether he will get steam-miles is not clear, but at least it eases the accommodation arrangements for the latter half of the trip.