2008 - Flight to Orcadia

Well strictly, flight in Orcadia, specifically the world's shortest flight from Westray to Papa Westray. Why? Because (a) the chairman wanted to do it and (b) he's the chairman. Not surprisingly the proposal was accepted with alacrity amongst the other potential sleepertrippers, no doubt mindful of the committee elections at the forthcoming AGM, and keen to establish a position of advantage.

Logistically it looks as challenging as any we have been on, with a multitude of multimodal transport options to arrange in the appropriate order. To add complication the membership has arranged for seven potential participants to present themselves for candidature at the selection hustings. This at a stroke has denied the organisers the convenience of an even number, and also ensured them of a record number of participants to be fed, watered and transported. And just how big is the Loganair aircraft that does the round-Orkney bus trip twice, and sometimes thrice, a day? Will we have to impose strict dietary controls on the candidates to ensure weight limits are adhered to?

The draft itinerary is